Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bad start, bad day.

One of my reason having this blog is to improve my writing skill and eventually I started to write in English. I am not trying to be a smart-ass but could someone tell me what is the other method that I can use to improve my English?

In order for me to be able to write well in English, I start to read english books, listen to their conversation and try to think using english words. As it is today, I have started to think english words when I'm trying to write something. But I have lived 20 years as a Malay and it is my primary language. Of course my english is still not perfect. In fact I know my english might be like a rubbish to some people especially when it comes to grammar. I admit that.

I dont give a shit about what people actually think about my grammar because I know I'm still learning. I'm struggling to be exact. However, hearing words from one of your brothers about trying not to write in english because your english is rubbish is really make you feel something that you didn't know you can even feel.

It's not like I anti with people criticise me or commenting me but yeah, hearing people say that you should only write in english only if you good at it is not something you want to hear actually. It's alright if someone say to you your grammar is bad, you might need to improve on that part but to the extend saying you should stop write in english, wrong advice mate.

Anyway, I dont really care about it anymore. I'll just keep write in english because everything need a practice. Just like to be excel in ibadah, you just have to practice to reach the level of enjoying and feel like a freedom when you do it.

Roger and out.